Patrick and Shondel

How We Met

We met at work – my mother’s friend gave my resume to a nursing home – as well her teacher did the same. we met there. to tell the truth, I only wanted to be her friend. we started dating and I didn’t want to be with anyone else..

how they asked

I picked up the ring earlier in the day – then I went over. we were watching some show – I don’t remember. I said to her, ” I bought some chicken wings for you” she said yeah, thanks. so then I said, I bought a coke to wash it down, she gave me back the coke & said, “You know I don’t drink Coke-A-Cola…. I said “Even after I made them put your name on it?” she looked and her mouth dropped – while she was looking – I had got down on my knee with ring in hand. to tell the truth, we was to attend a BBQ the weekend I was going to give it to the host to give to her but I couldn’t wait.

Image 1 of Patrick B and Shondel Y

Image 2 of Patrick B and Shondel Y

Image 3 of Patrick B and Shondel Y