Patrick and Kalie

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How we met

We had grown up about 20 miles from each other and had many of the same friends, but had never met. We both went to colleges in Ohio. I was roommates at Ohio Northern with one of Patrick’s friends from high school. After graduation, Patrick and I were both visiting our hometowns for a weekend. By luck, our friends suggested that we meet and we went on our first blind date.

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how they asked

After over three months of intense studying for my medical boards and barely seeing each other, I am absolutely thrilled that I get to marry my Prince Charming! Patrick picked me up after my 8 hour exam with flowers in hand and champagne at home to celebrate. I knew we were meeting my parents in downtown Raleigh for dinner. As we were walking through the city, Patrick stopped in front of the State Capitol and got down on one knee.

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With overwhelming happiness and tears of joy I said yes! Patrick knew how important it was for our families to be apart of this special day and he made that happen. His parents, his sister, and my brother all flew down to surprise me! Both of our parents and siblings were hiding behind the pillars at the State Capitol building and witnessed the entire proposal. We went to Cafe Luna, our favorite restaurant where we got to celebrate with our families!

Image 6 of Kalie and Patrick

Not only that but Patrick also planned an entire weekend to celebrate our engagement with everyone at Kure Beach in North Carolina. I can’t imagine a more perfect proposal and weekend with the people I love the most. And now I get to marry the love of my life on New Years Eve 2016. I feel like I’m living a fairy tale.

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