Patrick and Kali

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How We Met

Kali and Patrick met at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Kali, a senior, was about to graduate and Patrick was finishing his 2nd year of law school. The two met by chance at a party hosted by Kali’s sorority, ADPi, at Top of the Hill on Franklin Street. But for Katherine Murphy and Annie Spence, the two would have never met. That night Patrick intended to stay at home and was already in his PJ’s when he received a text from his sister, who is also an ADPi, and decided to attend the party at the last minute. Kali was talking with friends when she noticed tall, handsome guy across the room. She casually let it slip that she thought the guy was cute to her friend, Annie Spence.

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Interestingly, Annie is Katherine’s “little” and knew the “cute guy,” so she decided to play matchmaker by telling Katherine that Kali might be interested in her brother. Katherine spoke with Patrick, mentioning her sorority sister thought he was good-looking, and then pointed out a blonde girl across the room. He promptly told his sister that he loved and hoped she had a good evening and went to introduce himself to Kali. After chatting for a while at Top of the Hill, they went with a group of friends to Pantana Bob’s and then for a late night bite at Linda’s. While walking Kali home, Patrick stopped to give his leftovers to a homeless man. Impressed by his kindness, Kali agreed to go on a date with Patrick the next week and the rest is history!

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how they asked

After dating Kali for a couple years, Patrick decided it was time to go ring shopping! He also knew that she was going wear the ring on her finger FOREVER, so he thought it might be a good idea to include her in the decision making process. After trying on multiple beautiful baubles, the two decided on an antique solitaire diamond, which reminded Kali of her mother’s ring, which she had always admired.

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Although Kali knew a ring was in her future, she had no clue when Patrick would formally pop the question. Very mischievous, Patrick enjoyed teasing her with several extra-special date nights over the next few months just to keep her on her toes. What Kali didn’t know was that Patrick had been secretly working with his future bride’s family to plan a surprise proposal during the family’s annual trip to cheer on the Appalachian State Mountaineer football team.

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Upon arriving in Boone, North Carolina the couple along with their families set off for an afternoon hike on Mount Jefferson. As the group hiked upward, they reached a gorgeous overlook right at the golden hour and decided to take a break. As Kali was looking out over the landscape, Patrick got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him and of course, she said “yes!” After a moment to soak it all in, the two shared hugs and happy tears with their families. It was so beautiful for the family-oriented couple to share their biggest day yet with their loved ones & to have an entire weekend to celebrate, not only Appalachian State football, but the coming together of both of their families!

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