Patrick and Hanna

Patrick and Hanna's Engagement in Linwood Park in Vermillion, Ohio

How We Met

After texting back and forth for over a month, Hanna and I finally met at a small wine bar by our houses in Rocky River, Ohio. I felt comfortable the moment she introduced her herself to me and gave me a hug. We were inseparable after our fourth date and got engaged after about 10 months of dating.

How They Asked

I asked Hanna to marry me on the front of her family’s cottage in Vermillion, Ohio. I made up a fake work dinner and even created fake email accounts that sent emails to me regarding this dinner hoping that I could surprise her with a ring instead. The proposal night was very windy and chilly and she was not interested in sitting on the bench overlooking the lake where I wanted to propose. Instead, her focus was on doing her nails and snacking on chips inside. After pretty much begging her to come outside she finally came out to meet me and I proposed shortly after. Tears and laughter followed. It was perfect.

Where to Propose in Linwood Park in Vermillion, Ohio

Special Thanks

David Paul
 | Photographer