Patrick and Aylin

how we met

Patrick and I met on a dating website called Okcupid 3 years ago. We had dinner at a quiet restaurant near both of our apartments. We clicked instantly and we both knew “this is something different.” When we left the date he texted me saying he wished he had kissed me but wanted to be a gentleman. I said “you should have done it!” The next day he reached out knowing I was in jury duty, offered to give me a ride home when it was finished. We got to my place and he went in for the kiss! We both felt again “this is different”. Went on 2 more dates and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. Within one day we exchanged keys to each other’s apartments (moving in together). Within one week we had fallen in love with each other. Within one month he told me “one day I’m going to out a FAT rock on that finger”. 3 years later on our 3 year anniversary, he made that promise come true!

how they asked

Each year we have celebrated our anniversary together in Florida. The first year was Miami, second year was Fort Lauderdale and this year we came back since we fell in love with the area! Patrick said he knew the beach was my “happy place” and we both shared a strong love for the beach so it made perfect sense to propose on the beach here!

Patrick had told me prior to the trip that he wanted to bring a bottle of champagne to the beach. We had celebrated 6 months together drinking champagne by the river near where we live, so he said he wanted to recreate this moment together on the beach. He said we would ask someone to take a photo of us since it was our 3 year anniversary and we had dressed nicely. We had our picnic with wine and champagne on the beach. Then walked along the beach and had “spotted” someone good to take our photo. Little did I know he had hired Yoshkarla. She caught the whole proposal and we continued with a photo shoot and drinks!

Special Thanks