Patrick and Alaina

How We Met

The two of us got set up through mutual friends of our parents who thought that we would be perfect for each other. We arranged our first date at a wine bar in downtown Detroit (we live about 40 minutes from each other and the city is right in between) and Patrick agreed to meet me there for some drinks after work. Turns out I had the name of the place that he suggested wrong and was waiting at the restaurant next door accidentally! He called me and tried to direct me upstairs to him, but it took some help from the hostess for me to realize that I was at the wrong place. We finally met up for a couple glasses of wine and hit it off so well that we went back to the restaurant I mistakenly went to first for dinner. Little did we know that Detroit would later become the backdrop for our wedding two years later!

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how they asked

Patrick planned a weekend getaway to northern Michigan in October to see the fall colors changing. He had it all planned out — a stroll through the beautiful Michigan landscape topped off with a sunset proposal on Lake Michigan. Thanks to an unseasonably warm September, there wasn’t much color to see, though! The weekend forecast was also calling for torrential downpours, so he switched to plan B. We went out for a romantic dinner downtown and barhopped to a few breweries and went back to our hotel. Patrick had sent up rose petals, LED candles, and a card and the front desk employee graciously offered to set up our room for the proposal.

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He even went out and got us a bottle of champagne that was awaiting us in the room! I opened the door and saw a beautiful arrangement of flowers and flickering lights, and opened the card. I looked up and Patrick was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring that I’ve ever seen! Of course, I said yes to the man of my dreams, and the rest is history. We took some pictures the next morning on the beach and enjoyed calling all of our friends and family on the drive back home. Both of our parents and their friends that set us up were awaiting us when we got there, and we toasted with them all to our future.

Patrick's Proposal in Ludington, MI

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