Patricia & Eric's Romantic Disney Proposal

It is little wonder then as to why I proposed. There exists in fact a list of reasons born of staggering proportions, but only little left to the actual wonder.

Better yet the question to pose is what took me so long.

She was 19 against my 22, yet it took me until 30 to bend to one knee and amidst a roaring crowd  to mutter “Patricia Medina, I love you more than anything in the world. Will you be my wife?”

Deplorable; given the time, resource and planning involved, that was all that could roll off the tongue. I had prepared a bounty in advance: Poetry, signing and at one point even considered choreographed dance.

In September of 2014, I began to plan. Certain aspects had to be taken into account, given the nature of what ideas had finally gestated long enough toward culmination.

Disney. I knew right away the proposal had to be at Disney, but not only Disney but rather Disney World, and then not simply the park itself but an event, one so immensely distracting that she wouldn’t think twice about the family and friends I was towing behind us.

There really was only one answer; Dapper Day, The semi-annual event that brought Disney denizens from around the globe, flocking in pods of vests and bow ties, knit skirts, suits, plaid, polyester, cotton or wool, giant frilled umbrellas and an assortment of gentlemen’s hats. An event so fashionable that she wouldn’t bat an eye at a single camera, or two, or ten trailing five feet behind us, recording our every move.

I contacted Marina Thompson, who runs a Facebook group called Disney Dapper Darlin’s, in attempt to amass a crowd on March 14th, against a setting sun and the Disney World Carousel. I reached out to the founder of Dapper Day, one Justin J, entreating his teams’ participation in the proposal. I wanted every photo to be something she’d treasure, a sparkling memory cast upon the Disney skyline.

Had I known, even suffered the inkling of what was to occur, I would attempted some sort of precaution against the impending flood, at the very least a reduction of the knowing public. Even as the crowds amassed, she had no idea.

The family itself was 30 strong in attendance, unwilling to relent their position before the carousel, even as the throng began to form for what Marina had posted on Facebook as “A Magical Surprise”.

Some time after this, after the crowds and the tears, a woman screaming “It’s Happening!” In time to my bent knee, the newly engaged Patricia Medina finished editing her video on Youtube call ‘A Dapper Disney Proposal’ .  You can see the moment that I explain the ringbox crafted by Paul Pape, watch as she turns her back to me, quickly distracted by a friend drawing her attention the Facetime request from her childhood companion all the way in California.



You can watch her tremble as she turns around to face me, coming to terms, finally understanding.

I had the ring ready, a ruby ring she had picked out herself but remained unaware that I had acquired it long ago. A ruby in a box waiting for a question.

I looked up at her and found my throat dry, parched of any knowledge or plan and said, “Patricia Medina, I love you more than anything in theworld. Will you be my Wife?”

She said, “What’s wrong with that?”

Of course, She didn’t say that. She cried, shaking, rapidly nodding her head yes with every ounce of strength, barely able to bear the emotions and whisper amidst the roaring crowd, “yes.”

You can believe, dear reader, that my smile was no less enthralled at 30 than at 22, and it is a happy heart that announces that yes, she said yes, and yes, it was for me, love at first sight.

Maybe my vows will truly be the eloquence I’ve desired, but until then we are in love, and there’s nothing wrong with that.





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