Patricia and Robert

Image 1 of Patricia and Robert

When Robert brought up the idea of going to his hometown Comfort, Texas for Christmas in Comfort, I was all for it. I wanted to see where he grew up since he always talked about it. We drove the 2 hours that it takes to get there and he was so excited to show me around. We walked up and down the streets, stopping at every vendor, and little shop. It was so much fun. Then he suggested that we go into this old hotel that they had just finished renovating, it was called Hotel Faust. It was so gorgeous. The gazebo area and the porch was so nice. He suggested that he get someone to take a picture so we could send it to his mom, which I was all for. So we walk into hotel and ask the gentleman if he would take our picture, and he agreed. So we went out onto the porch as the gentleman was talking to us, I turned on the camera on my phone and handed it to him. I go to put my arm around Robert so we can take the picture and he gets down on one knee, I was so shocked!! I asked him “What are you doing!?” several times followed by “Are you serious!?” All I heard him ask me was “Will you spend the rest our lives with me?” and of course I said “YES!” It was the best day of my life so far, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.
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