Patricia and Natt

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How We Met

Patricia and I first met in high school, through a mutual friend. At the time, we were just acquaintances. She was just a pretty girl I would walk by everyday after basketball practice. It wasn’t until college that I ACTUALLY talked to her. She posted a picture with one of my childhood friends! (What a SMALL WORLD!) So I did what anybody else would do…I slid into her DM’s. I messaged her and we started to get to know each other. Interest was there on both sides, but timing wasn’t right. We slowly lost communication.

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3 years later, Patricia randomly liked one of my pictures on Instagram. After that happened, I remembered that I saw that she had graduated college recently. I decided to send her a “congratulations” text message! Little did I know that the text message would be the start of something new (yes, that is a High School Musical reference, only because Patricia is obsessed). We started to get to know each other better and I somehow convinced her to go on a date with me.

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how they asked

The whole proposal plan went into action a few days before Natt’s 25th birthday (March 3rd). His best friend, Elijah, called me a few days before Natt’s birthday and shared with me that he wanted to throw a surprise party for Natt, but since all of his friends were busy or out of town, that it would have to be the weekend after. I thought it was a great idea so I asked what I needed to do to help. Elijah said “all I need you to do is get Natt out of the house around lunch time so that I can set up…so you guys can go hang out in Fort Worth with Conner and Lauren”. I didn’t think anything of it because we had gone on a double date with them in Fort Worth this past summer during my birthday weekend!

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On the morning of March 10th, I asked Brenda to help me pick out an outfit. I had FaceTimed Natt before he left his house to see what he was wearing, and he hadn’t picked out his outfit yet, but eventually got himself into a pretty nice outfit. I panicked because I had NOTHING to wear, so Brenda suggested some casual outfit ideas that I wasn’t convinced of, only to get me to pick out the dress that I wore that day. This dress has a funny story to it though…I went shopping with Brenda a few months before and when I pulled it off the rack, I half-jokingly said to her “make sure that I’m wearing this dress when I get engaged!” and she laughed at how impossible that would be. So when I picked that dress to wear for this surprise party, she said “but you said you wanted to wear this for THE SPECIAL DAY? Are you sure you want to wear it?” and I replied, “I guess I’m just going to have to find another dress for when that time comes!”

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Natt picked me up in Denton and we headed for Fort Worth. When we were about 10 minutes away from Fort Worth, Conner called Natt and said “hey, our dog is sick and we’re at the vet right now, so we’re probably going to have to push lunch back 45 minutes. Is that okay?” And Natt replied “that’s fine! We’ll just find something to do to kill time.” Then Natt turned to me and asked where I wanted to go. My first instinct was to say “let’s go to the zoo!” but then Natt suggested that we go to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. The weather was PERFECT so I thought it was a great idea! The weekend that we went to Fort Worth during my birthday weekend, we went to the Botanic Gardens because I had never been and through pictures, I thought it was incredibly beautiful, but since it was about 100 degrees outside, we looked at the rose garden for about 2 minutes, then we left.

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When we got to the Botanic Gardens, we quickly walked down the steps to the middle of the rose garden. Natt started to look around like he was looking for someone, and said “I’m going to call Conner to let him know where we are!” so I took a few seconds to just take in the view! Then Natt asked me to pick a direction to start walking in, so I started walking and didn’t feel him beside me, so then I turned around and he was down on one knee! The first thing I said was “Babe…what?!” because I was totally surprised! I even forgot to say “yes” when he asked me to marry him (oops!), so when he said “so is that a yes?,” I said “yes!!!” and hugged him before he even got a chance to stand back up!

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Special Thanks

Gaby Caskey
 | Photographer