Patricia and Kaleb

How We Met: Kaleb and i have known each other all of our lives. Our mothers went to the same church and we also have pictures from our childhood together. When we grew up we also grew apart, but lived in the same neighbourhood.

A few years ago we got in touch again on Facebook. We had a few dates, but when my sister died i had other priorities so we lost contact for a while. Then Kaleb contacted me in january 2014 to wish me a happy new year. He invited me for dinner and that’s how the relationship started.

how they asked: My best friend told me she won a trip to Paris so i went along. The last night encluded a stay in the Disney Hotel. Little did i know that everything was a set up.

My boyfriend worked together with the dutch television show Puur Geluk (Sheer Luck), television station RTL4 and Disneyland Paris. At first they invited me to their show to surprise me with my drivers license, because i have been taking care of my sisters children since she passed away in 2012. They also re-decorated the kids rooms! Then a week later they helped my boyfriend arrange this AMAZING proposal in Disneyland Paris.

I arrived at the Disney Hotel on the 30th of June 2015. We waited in the lobby for our room keys, when suddenly a Disney couple walked up to me and asked if i was Patricia. They then walked with me to Main Street where the Major of Main Street was waiting and then this amazing show started. Mari van de Ven (a famous Dutch makeup artist) did my make up and gave me my dress to wear. After that we walked furter to the Disney castle when i got my own private Lion King show. It al ended in front of the castle. There was a text on the castle that said ‘dreams come true’ and also my name got on it. After that my boyfriend walked up to me and proposed. After i said yes they also brought in my ‘kids’ and the rest of my family, but you can’t see this in the short version.

I have to warn you that the video is mostly Dutch spoken. If you want me to translate the video, i would be happy to help out. The proposal also lasted a lot longer, but the show made a short movie and put that on Youtube.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as i did! (besides the fact that it’s in Dutch)

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