Patricia and Jason

Image 1 of Patricia Isabel and Jason

How We Met

How we met is literally like a fairy-tale. He saw me and knew that I would be the one, whereas I wasn’t sure. Although he definitely caught my eye I always told myself, guard your heart. Time progressed and I fell head over heels with his heart, his passions, his character, his family and especially how he treated my family and me! Early on our relationship, I pre-booked a trip to Europe and before I left I was presented with a letter from him at the airport; And yes love letters were exchanged! When I returned to Sydney I just knew he was a keeper and I’m glad he saw that first!

how they asked

My best friend (who is now my bridemaid) convinced me that we were going to the opera house to see a show as we were heading into the city I did not hear from Jason (fiancé). It wasn’t until we detoured that we ended at observatory hill! When we parked and I got out I was directed the an entrance and near a tree was his youngest brother (1 of 3) holding a rose. As i received him and the rose I started to cry because I knew what was happening! He then directed me to his second brother to which he had a rose again and then he directed me to his other brother to which he had a rose, as I was approaching a bend to the top of the hill I saw my sisters standing there next to my other best friend playing ‘brown eyed blues’ as I came to the top, long behold Jason was standing there and once he grabbed me he confessed how much he loved me and he proceeded to get down on one knee and as he did I was crying saying yes, he laughed and said will you marry me and I said yes!!!

Image 2 of Patricia Isabel and Jason