Patricia and Jason

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How We Met

Jason and I met at a Halloween party my freshman year of college, I was wearing a masquerade costume and he was dressed as Dave Chappelle impersonating Rick James. Despite the differences in Halloween costume themes we spent the night party hopping before he graciously escorted my friend and me back to our dorms across campus.

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Our paths didn’t cross after that for a few months until his fraternity was throwing a Super Bowl party, the next day he invited me to their Valentine’s date night. I claimed I was only going for the food, but once we got to talking we realized how much we really have in common. We made plans to hang out the next day and watch a show we discovered we both love. It’s been almost eight years and we still have as much fun, make as many jokes, and have as many laughs as those nights back when we first met.

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How They Asked

My two best friends from high school planned for us to go to brunch the Saturday of Thanksgiving since we were all back home and this was a “great opportunity to do a photoshoot for one of their jewelry businesses”. I jumped at the opportunity to spend a fun morning taking pictures and hanging out with my friends in my favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn.

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We walked along Brooklyn Bridge Park posing for some shots when we came around the bend to the water and I see Jason waiting by the railing, at that point, I knew something was up. Little did I know that for the past six months he was planning out the perfect proposal in my favorite spot in NYC with the Brooklyn Bridge and skyline in the background, and my friends there to document everything!

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After he asked me to marry him, and I asked if he’s sure (I, of course, said YES!), our families and my best friend from college came out and we were all able to celebrate the moment together.

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That night was also the annual “Frozen Apple” hockey game our university hosts at MSG where we continued celebrations with all of our college friends who were there from that first Halloween party back in a college town.

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Special Thanks

Meaghan Moran
 | Photographer
Alina Rizvi
 | Planning
Nicole Cember
 | Planning
Blue Nile
 | Ring