Patricia and James

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Snug Harbor Botanical Garden

How We Met

James and I met in the most 21st century way; a dating app. Two of my girl friends encouraged me to try this dating app called Bumble. After listening to their (interesting) experiences and without the intention in taking it seriously, I decided to give it a try. After a few weeks, me and James were a match. We spoke for less than a day and exchanged numbers, however nothing materialized. Life continued without a thought until James appeared in the section of “people you may know” on Facebook. I didn’t request him and carried on until the next day when I received a friend request from James. Thinking how odd it was that he had appeared on my “people you may know” only the night before, I decided on a whim to fulfill my curiosity and see if the same thing happened to him. We began speaking again and this time, James asked me if we could meet for coffee. I agreed and said I would meet him at the desired coffee spot. He insisted on picking me up as it was the “gentleman thing to do”. I gave James the wrong address (same block), just in case. When I stepped into his car and we locked eyes, it was this uncontrollable feeling of familiarity. I did more listening then talking and I couldn’t believe everything he was saying as it sounded so in sync to my thoughts and outlook on life. We covered an array of topics and he explained that he was in the military and what that meant to him and his family. We found out we had many mutual friends and couldn’t believe that we had not met before.Jamesasked if he could kiss me and I said yes. It was a kiss unlike any I have experienced . We continued spending time together since the first night and I found myself opening up more and more.James is unlike any other man that I have met before, one in which I thought existed only in my dreams. He has such a pure heart. Several weeks later, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Almost 3 years later, and we are engaged.

how they asked

In February of 2017, I found out my (then) boyfriend was scheduled to be deployed overseas for over a year. It would not be our first deployment but it would be the longest faced together. After the tears and long talks, I began to think of our “couples bucket list” we created some time before. One night, as we watched t.v., I asked James if we could fulfill one of the items on our bucket list and asked if we could schedule the couples photo shoot. I mentioned I wanted to do the shoot with him wearing his uniform and he agreed that we would do this before he was deployed. Two weeks later, as we grabbed a bite to eat, James handed me an envelope. Enclosed was a beautifully written card as well as a receipt for a photo shoot he had scheduled for us at Snug Harbor Botanical gardens. I was overjoyed and excited. He mentioned that there were two sessions, one in which he would be dressed up in a normal tux and another in-studio wearing his uniform. As the date approached for our shoot, rain was scheduled for the day and snow had covered the ground only a few days before. James was especially nervous about the weather and the snow, but I told him everything would be great and an umbrella can photo nicely, if needed. When we arrived, we met the photographer who had already toured the grounds and suggested a few spots he wanted to take pictures. We covered some great areas and then we came to this beautiful arch. The photographer. Andrew, mentioned he brought some props for us to use. He unzipped his backpack and began outlining where me and James stood with rose petals. Andrew then positioned us so that my back was facing James. He described what pose he was looking for us to fulfill. He told me to hold out both of my hands and placed rose petals for me to hold. Andrew suggested for me to close my eyes and then on the count of 3, I would turn and throw the rose petals in the air. The photographer had me practice three times (without throwing the petals). After doing so, Andrew mentioned that practice was over and this would be the action shot. Andrew began counting, “3…2…1” and as I turned and threw the petals and opened my eyes, to my surprise when I saw James on his knee. I nearly almost fell down in the snow as I was shocked and felt like I was dreaming. I happily said yes and the shoot turned into our engagement photo shoot after. The rain even held up and only began as we were leaving.The day was truly perfect and more than I could have ever imagined.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Snug Harbor Botanical Garden

Special Thanks

Andrew Schneider