Patricia and Grayson

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How We Met

Grayson and I met through mutual friends in Canton, OH, my hometown, in 2012 and started dating in 2013. He was in Ohio for work and only 6 months after dating he got a new job in Oklahoma. I was in school and working full time for a company I loved, so it took me a little while to tell him I would move with him. Grayson can thank my momma for knowing he was the one before I knew! She was packing my bags and booking her flight to come see us immediately! We couldn’t have made it work without our closest friends and family! Fast forward a couple years and got transferred to Asheville, NC then again to Durham, NC. During this whole time I was studying for my bachelors degree and he was following his passion/ job. I graduated in 2015 and we immediately started looking for a house. We now live in Mebane, NC, a small town only 20 minutes from his hometown of Elon, NC.

how they asked

Grayson and I love to travel so for his 29th birthday I planned a surprise trip to Cabo San Lucas. On the second to last day of our trip we got up, got breakfast, and parked ourselves under an umbrella on the beach. Our resort was great and they brought us out cold drinks to beat the summer heat. We were soon running for the ocean to cool off. (August in Cabo is no joke!) We got to the water and Grayson said he couldn’t get in because he left his phone in his pocket. I jumped in the water as fast as I could and started heading back to our spot so he could drop his phone off and go cool down. I was only a step ahead Grayson when he tugged on my arm. I turned around and saw him on one knee! He was so happy and when he asked I just bent down to kiss him. He then asked, “so what’s your answer?” ANYONE who knows me, knows that I had the answer in 2013.

We had a couple days before we flew back that we got to celebrate our engagement without anyone knowing. It was such a special time and our family and friends understood that we wanted just a little time before we answered questions about the proposal and our future wedding!

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P.S. If your guy leaves his “phone in his pocket” just go with it! HAHA!