Patrice and Jonathan

Proposal Ideas Newport Beach, CA

How We Met

Jonathan and I met working on a musical in college called “Carousel.” He had a girlfriend at the time and I actually had a crush on his best friend! We knew each other for about a year until the sparks finally flew. I’ve been with him since I was 20 (it will be 6 years in December). We’ve been through a whole heck of a lot together! Love, loss, living together, and everything between.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Newport Beach, CA

How They Asked

Jonathan and I have been discussing marriage on and off for about 2 years. I may or may not have even drunkenly proposed…..but told him it wasn’t official until he did it win a ring! We woke up and it was average Saturday morning (aside from the fact that we a trip to Laguna Beach planned for the weekend!). He asked if I wanted to go get breakfast, but I wanted to go to the gym first. He advised me to “hurry because (he) was hungry.” So, post-gym, I changed into some comfy Saturday clothes and off we went! After breakfast, he wanted to swing by the mall to pick up some LUSH face scrub. He suddenly had to go to the bathroom so I dragged us back to Nordstrom and told him I would wait by the clothes. Out of nowhere, my friend Meghan appeared!! She is my best shopping buddy and lives 30 miles from us so I could not believe she was here! She handed me a card and I suddenly knew what was going on. It was in Jonathan’s handwriting. Meghan told me we had 1 hour to find a “profile picture” worthy outfit. After we found the perfect fit, my friends Cailin and Aspen came walking over.

They handed me the next card from Jonathan, which told me that they would get me anything I needed (aka dry shampoo and some deodorant) and that they had my makeup bag. They took me to get a coffee and I did my makeup in her car to my next unknown destination! We made a left and I KNEW I was headed to my nail salon! What I didn’t know was that my sister and mom were already there! We got our nails done and the third card advised me to enjoy and relax. So I did! Our nails were polished and my dad pulled up outside of the salon, and my mom said to hop in! My sister handed him a card, which he quickly glanced at and set aside. We drove all around. Off the freeway, on the freeway….suddenly we were in Newport Beach! We pulled up to a sweet little outlook area, and I saw Meghan (again!) and my brother in law. Then I saw a stranger with a camera and I knew it was about to happen!

I was cam and relaxed and asked my dad if that card he got was for me, as everyone else had given me a card. He looked at it, and said “No!” So I rolled with it. My dad opened the door and Jonathan was waiting at the bottom of a staircase that was lined with hundreds of photos of us through the years. I took my time looking at them, enjoying every single minute of this moment. He got down on one knee and very simply asked, “will you marry me?” And I responded, “of course I will marry you!” And we took a few photos. He told me the ring I had on wasn’t the one he intended to propose with. The real one was delayed due to the customizing and handcrafting of the piece (it’s shipping this week!!). We cleaned up and got in his car and he said we could go straight to Laguna, as he has packed our bags aka he packed my entire closet to be safe. He mentioned his hunger and suggested we hit our favorite vegan restaurant in Costa Mesa, Seabirds. Little did I know that our family and friends were all waiting there for us! It was such a good time. We ate and celebrated. And that fourth card was in fact for me!! But I didn’t get it until a week after the proposal because my dad was traveling!