Pati and Will

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Moofushi, Maldives

How We Met

I think fate brought me and Will together. How else does a Brazilian woman end up with a man from a small town in Indiana?

After becoming jaded with “modern dating”, I downloaded Bumble. A week of going on a few dates, I decided that online dating wasn’t for me and deleted the app. A few days later, I got a text from an unknown number asking me if I still wanted to grab dinner. I had forgotten I had given Will my number on Bumble but agreed to dinner – all while dramatically joking to my friends that this was my last chance at love.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Moofushi, Maldives

I lived an hour away from Indianapolis, but Will and I had dinner in downtown Indianapolis, where we both worked. He immediately knew that I was the woman he wanted in his life. He remembers the pencil skirt I was wearing when I walked in, where we sat in the restaurant, and even what I ordered for dinner. He was just completely and absolutely smitten. I didn’t quite feel the same way and just felt overall not ready to date.

Will, always patient, asked me on several second dates, but I kept making excuses. I would tell him that I didn’t want to drive an hour to go to Indianapolis on the weekends and that I was too busy with work during the week. Still trying to score that second date more than a month later, Will asked me if I was coming to Indianapolis on a Saturday. Knowing that he was going to ask me on another date, I told him I wasn’t. He slyly replied that it was perfect because he was going to go where I lived to go shopping. Even though I saw through the shopping excuse, I finally agreed to go on a second date with him.

By the end of our second date, newly formed inside jokes and many belly-laughs later, I was the one who was completely and absolutely smitten by Will. Now it was me who remembers the tight black tee-shirt he was wearing, the outdoor corner table we sat at, and the grilled chicken sandwich that he ordered.

I’m lucky he saw through my stubbornness. Today, he loves telling anybody who will listen how much I wasn’t into our first date and that he had to buy an expensive pair of tennis shoes to go on a second date with me. I think he knows how much it makes me giggle.

How They Asked

After I spent three months working in Hyderabad, India, Will met me in India to do some traveling in Asia. After our second day of snorkeling in the Maldives, Will proposed during the sunset. We were still in the water when he pulled his late grandmother’s ring out of his swimming trunks – the same ring she wore for 70 years while married to his grandfather – got on one knee and asked him to marry him. It was so perfect and romantic! Maldivian sunsets will always hold a special place in my heart.

I wasn’t sure true love existed, but he was. I wasn’t sure in us, but he was. Now I know I want him for the rest of my life. That I’m sure of and I am so excited that I get to marry the once-in-a-lifetime, love of my life and best friend!