Pasqualina and Andriy

Pasqualina and Andriy's Engagement in New York City, Times Square

How We Met

We meet in the summer of 2010. I had just finished high school and was starting college in the fall. A friend of mine was staying over for the night and got a text from a guy friend for help because he was stranded. (She had a huge crush on him at the time) She quickly asked me to drive and pick him up since I had a car, and I agreed. It turned out that the boys… including my soon to be husband were getting a ride home from a night out and were too much to handle so the driver kicked them out. They had been left by a highway exit in our hometown. When I pulled up I found these 2 boys who had a little too much to drink waiting to be rescued. I knew nothing about either of them at the time. They told me they lived in a town 2 over from mine which I had never been to and they were in no state to give me direction (it was 2010 and we all have blackberries with no GPS) I took everyone back to my parents house (where my parents were very much asleep) and left the boys in the basement to sleep off the night. The next morning my mom woke to Andriy (my fiancè) asleep in the bathroom. We quickly explained what happened and my luck my mom just laughed at me. I got the boys home the next day and that was it. Later that night My friend and her crush were going out for coffee and she had asked if I would want to join with Andriy, I said yes and Andriy set a time to pick me up. When he arrived my parents were out on our front porch so they let me know he was here. When I got in the car he turned to me and leaned down to pick up a box of chocolates from my feet. He quickly said “hold on 1 second” and jumped out of the car and walked up to my parents sitting on the porch and handed them the chocolates. When my I got home that night my mom told me he had thanked them for their hospitality and apologized for staying without their permission. My mom just looked at me, smiled and said: “I think you should marry that boy.” Oh, how right she was, we’ve now been together for 8 years and we are planning a leap-day wedding.

how they asked

I had just returned home from finishing my law degree abroad and Andriy suggested we go away to celebrate. I was so excited for a trip away but I had just found out I started a new job on the 9th of July. I had never been to New York City so we decided to do a quick 3-day trip with his siblings. On our last day, Andriy had brought up that we had not taken any photos in Times Square together and wanted to get some before we left. We were taking some average photos when Andriy suggested we do something silly, I quickly replied “pick me up and I’ll kick my legs up” little did I know he was going to use that go get down on one knee.

He lifted me up and we took a few pictures and when he went to put me down pretended ‘to hurt his back’ when I leaned over to check on him he had the box in his hand and immediately dropped to my knees in tears. He quickly got up and I stayed crouched down crying. I could not believe it was happening. At this point, there was a large circle around us of people cheering and clapping. I finally got up and took the ring from the box and put it on my finger. Everyone clapped and cheered and we were beyond happy.

Special Thanks

Sophia Nimtsiv
 | Photographer