Parm and Aman

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How We Met

I met Aman while visiting a close friend who lives in the bay area. I’m from Fresno and I started looking for great coffee spots and came across one with great reviews. I went inside and saw this pretty girl standing in front of me in line. She dropped her book and I gave it back to her, we didn’t exchange many words but after she got her food and coffee and sat down, I asked the waitress if I could be seated anywhere next to her. Luckily, I was seated in the corner of this cafe with her across from her. I started making conversation and we instantly felt a spark right away. I asked her for her number and started messaging her and we stayed in touch talking every day and every night till we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.

How They Asked

June 7 2020 was the greatest day of my life because I got to propose to the love of my life. I have been wanting to propose to Aman since December but she always had an idea that I would and I really wanted to surprise her. She normally always figures out my surprises but I knew I had to work harder to make this surprise really special. January came along and I was going to propose then but her cousin got engaged and felt its better to wait a little longer.

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As I was preparing to propose in February but Aman had started studying for her Nclex exam to become an RN. I wanted her to focus on that and felt March would be better since she will be done. I was never planning on delaying more than March and was committed this time to do it but never anticipated how much of an impact Covid-19 would have on the world. Everything closed the shelter in place orders and no one meeting each unless it’s essential. Aman lives 3 hours away from me so we had to stay away from each other also for the safety of all our loved ones.

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We both had been wanting to go to this beautiful garden in the bay area and never got the chance to so once certain places started opening up with restrictions we were planning on going. Aman’s brother and his wife planned on bringing Aman to this garden as she thought it would be a double date, I would meet them there but I convinced Aman I couldn’t make it last minute. I told her that I had an event that I had forgot about and had to attend.

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Little did she know that I have been planning this moment for almost 6 months and was already there waiting for her. She came and soon as I saw her, the violinist I hired started playing “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. I could tell that she was surprised because she gave this complete “lost” look and then suddenly the biggest smile.

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You can see in her eyes how happy she was to see me and with beautiful music serenading us around this beautiful garden. I spoke from my heart and told her how much she means to me. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. The biggest smile on her face, wiping away tears of joy for this day had finally come, she said Yes! and changed my life forever.

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Special Thanks

Noli Grutas
 | Videographer