Parker and Jessica

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How We Met

It all started on Parker’s 21st Birthday. I was out and about with some friends and he was out celebrating this big day. His best friend was actually the one talking with us girls first but lucky for Parker it wasn’t his friend I was interested in. Parker and I started talking and we hit it off immediately. We went to dinner the next evening and then it was all over from there. However, he was attending school out of town so it was nothing serious until he moved back home a year later. Almost exactly 1 year from the day we met we started dating.

Our relationship is special for many reasons. Parker and I both love being outdoors and we really enjoy fishing. We love being on the water whether it slaying the fish or just cruising around. We’ve bought a boat and four wheeler so it allows us to spend time doing more of what we love with who we love the most. He is patient with me and helps me learn how to do new things. I am more Type A personality and he is more Type B so we work great together as a team. We push each other to be better people. Oh and we love food.

It didn’t take long for us to realize we were the one for each other. I believe he said “I love you” first but I knew I felt the same. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was the one. I also knew when my family approved. They fell in LOVE with him which means the world to me.

how they asked

Isaac and Amanda were planning to come to Saint Simons Island for Christmas so we made plans to take the photo shoot while they were in town. Little did I know, Parker was planning with Isaac to propose. It was COLD and rainy the day of the proposal but everyone played it off. The entire family got dressed up as if we were taking family photos. I had no idea. We walked down to the beach with our umbrellas and blankets in hand. Parker even had my family in attendance and on time. My family does not run on time. I believe they were actually early. Amanda had me doing a pose where I was in front of Parker and Isaac kept asking Parker what he was doing.

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Me being the nosy one I turned around and bam he was on one knee asking me if “I want to get married”. It was perfect!

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