Pariss and Daniel

How We Met

We met at kick boxing class…we had multiple ways we could have met earlier due to mutual friends but kept missing the opportunities that presented themselves. We were attracted to each other immediately and my loud laugh was the first thing he heard from down the hallway.

Pariss's Proposal in Grand Canyon

how they asked

I organised a dream holiday for Daniel back to my four highlights from when I visited the USA before we were together. 1. Orlando- three theme parks! 2. New York- Empire State Building, Christmas in Central Park, Lion King on Broadway 3. Vegas- New Years Eve, helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon and guns 3. Seattle- EMP, Space Needle and Markets little did I know that he had a even better surprise in store, a surprise that would change the course of our relationship and make a dream trip the best of our lives…

Where to Propose in Grand Canyon

Our Video

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