Paris and Scott

How We Met

We met at Angel’s game! He was sitting next to me in the Don Julio suite.

how they asked

We were in Kona to celebrate my (now) fiancés birthday, so on his actual birthday, he had planned a and nice lunch at Kona Country Club. The next stop on the way it’s ready for the day cliff jumping after at this crazy spot up the road called “End of the World”.

When we got there, I was a little intimidated by the height, so I started talking to a guy that looked like he had just come out of the water and asked where he landed in the water (in an attempt to look like I was doing) and was completely oblivious to the fact that my fiancé was getting ready to ask me to marry him.

A few minutes later (and a few feet away from the edge), he asked if I knew what would make his birthday even better…. to which he then answered his own question with “if you would be my wife” while dropping to one knee. Ah!!

Special Thanks

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