Paris and Chris

Paris's Proposal in Carvinal cruise ship St Lucia

How They Asked

We were taking our very first cruise with 18 members of our friends and family. Wanting to get the full experience of the cruise we attended alot of the entertainment shows offered on the ship, in the shows they would ask for volunteers from the crowd to come participate. They would do something simple and get a prize for coming up. Well I kept asking him to come up there with me and he would say no or he did not feel like it. So it’s the middle of the cruise we only have two more days left and we receive a note underneath our door stating we have reserved seating for that nights show called love and marriage because we came with a large party of ten or more. Later that afternoon we are seated first row during the show and I am alittle disappointed because they only asked for married couples to volunteer, so I jokingly say to him “if you would put a ring on it we could be up there volunteering” the show is wrapping up and they ask for one more volunteer couple for the final that does not have to be married. So I say let’s do it and he agrees. Unbeknownst to me it was planned for us to get picked and after asking our name and how we met he grabs the microphone RIGHT THERE ON STAGE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and ask me to be his wife!! best prize I could have ever win!


Wedding Proposal Ideas in Carvinal cruise ship St Lucia