Paris and Aaron

How We Met: In July 2012 I decided to move back to my native San Francisco.  My first weekend home coincided with the birthday of one of my oldest childhood girlfriends – so we went out to celebrate with a bunch of her friends.  One of our first stops was a local bar in the Mission called Blondie’s. I was seated on a bar stool when Aaron walked in.  (He later told me that the moment he spotted me, he knew I was the one.)

Aaron approached our mutual friend Brad, pointed at me and said “Who the f*** is that?!” Brad introduced us and we spent the whole weekend dancing and hanging out – there were even a couple of kisses that first night!

Everything was topped off that Sunday, when we attended Outside Lands music festival – holding hands as we navigated through the crowd and dancing to some incredible live music.  Friends I ran into at the festival kept asking me “Is that your boyfriend?” and though he wasn’t yet,  I realized it felt pretty good having Aaron by my side, and that is where he stayed…

how they asked: First a little history to put things in context…

In October of 2012, just a couple months after Aaron and I met, we attended Treasure Island music festival.  It was an incredibly magical weekend where we fell madly in love.  I remember kissing him as the sun set over San Francisco and feeling this overwhelming sense of love and of safety.

At the DIY tent, I crafted two rings out of friendship bracelet string and somewhat jokingly, got down on one knee and proposed to him.  He said yes and we wore those little string rings until they fell off.

Fast forward to October 2014…

It was a gorgeous Saturday in the bay – sunny and warm, the Giants were headed to the World Series, and all was right in the world.  Aaron and I hosted a brunch with some of our closest friends before heading to Treasure Island for our 3rd music festival there together.  After dancing the day away, we decided it was time for a trip on the ferris wheel – so we all bought tickets and jumped in line…a really, really long line.

When we sat down on the ferris wheel, Aaron kept trying to sit next to me, but since it was just the 2 of us, it threw off the balance and I made him sit across from me instead.  I was taking photos of the beautiful view, when I looked over at Aaron and he had a serious expression on his face.

He said “hey boo, remember that time 2 years ago when you proposed to me here?” I nodded and smiled at the memory, then he said “Well you know I love you a lot, way more than the normal amount, so will you marry me?” he pulled a diamond ring out of nowhere and got down on one knee (as best as one can in a ferris wheel car).

I was in utter shock. Immediately tears started streaming down my face and the first words that came out of my mouth were “are you serious?!” obviously he was…as I caught my breath I managed to say “yes yes of course!” and hold out my hand.  He placed the most incredible ring on my finger and the ferris wheel began to turn – that’s when the hundreds of people waiting in that really really long line to get on the ferris wheel started cheering for us.


It was the most unreal feeling – we were literally flying through the air over the city where we fell in love, with a roaring crowd beneath us all cheering on our love.  I have never felt so incredibly lucky and blessed in my life, and I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams.