Parichehr and Matt

Where to Propose in Orange Hill Restaurant

How We Met

I met Matty on Tinder in February 2016. I had no expectations but everything from our first date forward fell effortlessly in place. I always wanted to meet the “male” version of myself, Persian-American, a man who just gets me as a whole. His profile said “Houston raised. Cali resident. Persian.” And I thought to myself: check, check, check! Deep down I wanted to meet a man who wasn’t from California and I did just that and more. Our relationship was truly based on building a strong foundation and getting to know each other to the core. From date nights, to family bonding nights, to Sunday dinners (weekly dinner at his Parents home) we did just about everything together. The adventures never end with this one and I’ve never felt so adored. I now know what it means to have a “heart so full” because from our first date to now I have never been so happy in my life.

how they asked

It was a Wednesday night and we had dinner and movie planned for our date night. Little did I know we were going to Orange Hill Restaurant. I had never been and he always wanted to take me there to show me the impeccable city view. As we arrived to the restaurant he said, “I told you I’d bring you here one day.” He wanted to beat the Valentine’s Day rush and go out to a nice dinner. I had no idea what was about to happen. When we arrived the hostess sat us outside all the way in the corner of the restaurant where we were one of the last tables at the end. I made a comment to Matty and said “why are we sitting in the corner? It doesn’t look too busy out here.” The service was awful in the beginning, we sat there for almost 10 minutes before our server got our drink order. Matty kept trying to distract me telling me to look at the view and to stare at the stars. Our drinks took over 20 minutes to arrive and at this point I was getting annoyed! Matty was sweating at one point and seemed distracted on his phone and conversation wasn’t flowing as normal. He insisted nothing was wrong and that he just took a really hot shower before picking me up. The hostess came back to our table and said “I have a different table for you guys with a better view! Follow me please.” I thought to myself “YES! She read my mind.” As I followed the hostess across the entire restaurant to the exact opposite corner Matty was behind me holding my hand. As we turned the corner there was a little uphill sidewalk with candles lit across the path, rose petals, lanterns, and one single table waiting for us.

I looked back at him and knew right away what was about to happen. My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t believe it! As I walked up to the table it was all decorated with roses, candles, and a cutting board that said “Will you marry me?” in chocolate sauce with a cheesecake. I turned around and Matty was down on one knee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Orange Hill Restaurant

Once he proposed I heard both families screaming out of joy and rushing out to hug and kiss us. They were hiding and watching the entire thing, my brother captured every moment on his professional camera.