Paraplegic Man Learns to Walk for Marriage Proposal

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How we met

So it really all began three years ago, when Justin got a job at Buckle, where I also worked… I was his boss…

At first glance, Justin was not my type at all. If you know Buckle, the guys who came in wore really tight shirts to show off their muscles, and they weren’t always the nicest people. So when Justin started working, I kinda had made him into that certain stereotype. I always thought he had a great smile, (and a cute butt), but little did I know that everyone we worked with knew Justin had a super crush on me.

My best friend at the time also worked with me at Buckle. Justin made the mistake of telling her how beautiful he thought I was and how he’d love to treat me to a date, but he thought I was way out of his league. Well my best friend then told me, so being the person I am, I played along like I didn’t know. I started asking him personal questions, trying to figure him out. One night after work a couple of people were going to IHOP, so Justin and I tagged along, and that’s really how it all started.

He ended up being the sweetest guy I have ever met, and definitely not the stereotype I had thought he would fit.

After getting to know each other over 3 months, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. I couldn’t have been happier. I had never been in a relationship like the one Justin and I shared, there was truly never a dull moment and a relationship full of laughter, and tons of love.

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About 9 months into our relationship, tragedy struck on February 3, 2013. When Justin was driving home a lady pulled out in front and struck his motorcycle. No one knew the whole circumstances; all we knew was that it was really bad. All the doctor would tell us was, “Hope for the best, but expect the worse.” It was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. Not knowing if the love of your life was going to live or not was brutal. All I really had to cling onto was my hope and prayers. The amount of support from the community was overwhelming, but truly an incredible experience. The power of prayer is truly amazing, and Justin became a miracle.

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After long, harsh weeks in the ICU, Justin came out of his coma and started progressing everyday. I thank God every day for allowing my sweet man to stay with me longer. I never left his side, and I never wanted to. The accident left Justin as a paraplegic. But it never stopped us from loving one another. If anything, his accident only made us realize how precious life is and how precious our love was and is for one another. As months passed, Justin overcame more and more obstacles, truly defying all odds.

how they asked

A little over a year after Justin’s accident, we celebrated our two-year anniversary. To my surprise, Justin got up, walked towards me and got down on one knee to ask for my hand in marriage.

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It was so funny, because even with the ring out right in front of my face, all I wanted to do was hug him. He was able to walk and get on his knee, because he overcame another obstacle. It wasn’t until Justin was like, “Babe, you haven’t said anything,” that I noticed how beautiful my ring was and happily accepted his proposal.

It might not have been this extravagant proposal that most would expect, but to me it was something truly beautiful, because it was something he worked so hard on to be able to do it the right way and get down on his knee. He is such a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so thankful and lucky to call him my fiancé.

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I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I know it’ll be a great one, as long as he’s in my future, that’s a good enough future for me.

Special Thanks

Joy Stacey