Paola and Paolo

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How We Met

Paolo and I met about 8 years ago when I was only fourteen years old. We had family friends in common so each year around Christmas time we’d see each other at someone’s house. We knew if each other but never pursued anything other than familiarity. Years past by and comes 2015… I became really good friends with his sister Elena, which totally wanted to set me up with her brother but at that time I wasn’t really interested. One day she decided to invite me out to dinner on a double date with her fiancé at that time, now husband.. and her brother and I. I saw where that plan was coming from but I decided to go anyway. I had nothing to lose. Our double date couldn’t have gone any better. From that day on ( June 14th) to this day we never separated.

how they asked

3 years later he finally decided it was time to make it last forever and he got down on one knee.

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Special Thanks

Elena Nikaj
 | Planning