Paola and Eric

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How We Met

Eric and I met at my neighbors’ apartment, two years ago. As soon as I saw him I knew he was THE ONE. We saw each other another night and we changed numbers and started texting. On our first date, he invited me to the library to study, even though he knew nothing of my class. We ended up eating at a cheap fast food restaurant telling each other’s stories. Everything clicked from there on.

how they asked

Eric planned a ski trip to #Vail months ago. I was so excited yet nervous because it was my first time on snow. The first day, we walked all Vail watching the people skiing and getting ready because the second day was our turn to ski. When the day came we were so happy we were going to share such beautiful experience. We took the lift up the mountain and it was perfect. The day was progressing good and we were about to take our ski lessons. So while we were waiting for the ski class Eric decided to take a picture with his camera and also talked with a man to record us (I didn’t know why). So I asked him: “Why is someone recording us if you already have your camera?” To what he responded: “because I am about to propose.”

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