Paola and Chad

how we met

We met on a blind date that two mutual friends set us up on. At the time, they had been dating and Paola’s friend asked my friend if he knew any single guys, and as luck would have it, that was me. So he gave me her number and I texted her. My opening line was “Hello. I’m Chad. Whatever Jimmy (my friend) told you about me, it isn’t true! Unless you thought it was cool, then it’s TOTALLY true!”She laughed out loud (I actually have a picture of this). From there we set up a date to meet. It was only then I discovered she lived 1.5 hours away!

how they asked

It was indeed a surprise. It took place on the beach just as the moon was rising. I literally checked tide charts and planned the proposal to coincide with astronomical events. The reason had to do with the beach and the moon. The beach means a lot to her as it represents her mother, whom she lost just a few years before she met me. So I choose the beach to honor that. The moon holds a special place to the two of us, because of the distance between us while dating. Whenever we missed each other, which was often, we would say: “Look at the moon. I see it too.”That way we could feel connected to each other knowing we were looking at the same moon.So as the moon rose over the ocean on the day of the proposal, I held the ring in front of her so that the moonlight would pass through the diamond and I asked her: “Do you see it baby? I do too.” Then I led her to an archway on the Beach where I had a picnic set up for us and I got down on one knee and proposed. She was so stunned by all of this, she barely managed to say yes! But she did.

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