Paola and Brice

Image 1 of Paola and Brice

How We Met

Brice and I met in college at an “Etiquette Dinner” hosted by his fraternity. Little did I know showing up on time was NOT what you were supposed to do. You can imagine my surprise when I arrived and the place is practically empty save for Brice. An innocent Facebook friend request turned into a solid friendship built on countless concerts, a fondness for whiskey and unhealthy doses of Lord of the Rings marathons. He’s my biggest fan, my teammate (in beer pong and in life) — and I thank God every day for my punctuality.

how they asked

Brice and I planned a weekend trip to Monterey to celebrate our 4-year Anniversary which was on 3.3.2017. We arrived a little early for dinner at The Inn at Spanish Bay and decided to take a walk towards the seashore and enjoy the gorgeous cotton-candy sunset. He was very adamant about giving me his anniversary gift that day, so he sat me down on a bench and I opened a box which contained a simple bar necklace that says, “III.IV.MMXVII”. Completely puzzled, I asked if he got our anniversary date wrong. He laughed and told me to turn it over – engraved on the back was “The Next Chapter…”. He got down on one knee and I completely and utterly lost it. Thankfully, I managed a “Yes” after he popped the question. I still cannot believe this happened to me.

Image 2 of Paola and Brice