Paola and Ariel

Image 1 of Paola and Ariel

We had plan to meet with some other friends in a coffee in a beautiful town in my country. They invited us to go with all my family. We both like photography and he is a professional photographer, so he was going to take them some pictures because they are waiting for a baby. After we share some coffee, we went to the lake that was really close to the town, and he started taking them some pictures. After a few minutes, my friend, to whom he was taking her pictures asked “Do you want us to take you some pictures together?” And of course I said yes, so we had the lake and a beautiful sunset in the background and before they take us the picture… he said he was missing something, so he took out the ring from his pocket, got down in one knee, and pop the question. Of course I said YES!

Image 2 of Paola and Ariel

Image 3 of Paola and Ariel

Special Thanks

Jose Roberto and Mariela
 | Planning