Paola and Ariel

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Finca Las Glorias

We had planned to meet with some of our friends in a coffee shop in a beautiful town in my country, Honduras. They had invited us to go with all my family. We both like photography and he is a professional photographer, so he was going to take some pictures of them because they are expecting a baby. After we shared some coffee, we went to the lake that was really close to town; he started taking some pictures of them. After a few minutes, my friend, to whom he was taking her pictures asked “Do you want us to take some pictures of you together?” And of course, I said yes. So we had the lake and a beautiful sunset in the background and before she took a picture… he said “ wait a minute, something is missing for this picture” so he reached for his pocket and took out the ring, got down in one knee, and popped the question. Of course I said YES!

Where to Propose in Finca Las Glorias

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