Paola and Agustín

Paola and Agustín's Engagement in Puerto Escondido, México.

How We Met

We met 6 years ago on a BBQ. I was there with a friend, which he thought was dating me, so he didn’t make any move. He used to have a mustache and I loved it. A couple months later we added each other on social media and as I was selling some festival tickets on Facebook, he reached to ask for one of them to go with me. Then he invited me to a get away weekend with friends and we started dating.

How They Asked

The first time we traveled as a couple, we went to this super hippie and chill beach at Puerto Escondido, Mexico. On our last day, he suggested to a beach that was more private and where we can watch the sunset without any hotels or restaurants around, so we started walking there, when suddenly he kneel down, laughing out loud. I knew it was just a bad joke, as we have been together just for 3 months.

2 weeks ago, 6 years later, we went on vacation to the same exact beach. He suggested again to go watch the sunset at exactly the same spot we were the first time. I don’t even remember all of his words, but I remember it felt like the best day of my life.

Where to Propose in Puerto Escondido, México.