Pamreen and Mandeep

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How We Met

Mandeep and I met back in May, 2015 and to be honest after our first date, I wasn’t sure if there would be a second. Well, there was…and a third, fourth, etc. Within three months of meeting, I knew this was the man I wanted to marry and he felt the same way. We started talking about getting married but I never imagine how quickly everything would happen!

how they asked

Fast forward a year later, and we had the venue for our engagement party booked. We needed to have casual photos to display at the guest table so I contacted a local photographer, Sara Rogers, whose work I had discovered on Instagram and who specialized in candid photography. I remember I was frantically trying to get ready on time the day of our photo shoot and was trying to decide between two dresses so I wore one and took the other as a back-up. Mandeep picked me up from my house, and seeing as I was stressed, kept reminding me to relax. We drove to the photo shoot destination, which had a vintage vibe. Our photographer had arranged to meet us there and when she arrived, she took a few pictures of us. She suggested going to a nearby lake she had scouted out to take more pictures. We followed her in our car and I then decided it was a good time for me to change into my other dress, which happened to be a flowy, cream coloured maxi dress. Once we got to the lake, she took a few pictures of us together then asked to take some solo pictures of each of us.

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First she took Mandeep’s pictures, then mine. I remember not thinking much of it and could hear Mandeep shuffling on the rocks behind me. When I turned around, he was on his knee with a ring box opened! He looked so nervous and I was so shocked.

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My shock quickly turned into tears, and all I remember was saying yes and then us hugging. He was so sneaky and never let on that he was planning to propose to me that day!

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I later found out the photographer and him had been e-mailing each other back and forth trying to arrange the perfect location and moment for him to pop the question, and he had taken my Mom with him to pick out my ring.

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Special Thanks

Sara Rogers
 | Photographer