Pamela and Timothy


How We Met

It was just like any other day that summer before 7th grade in our small little town, I decided to go to the pool with my friend and while we were there I wanted to make a guy I liked at the time jealous. So being the flirtatious teenager I was, I went up to the nicest looking boy at the pool and asked him if he’d do me a favor & pretend to be my “boyfriend.” I’m not even sure I gave him time to answer before throwing his arm around me in the attempts to make that other boy jealous. Once I thought the mission was accomplished I asked that boy at the pool what his name was & told him mine & basically declared our friendship.

We instantly clicked & hung out the rest of the day. When it was time to part our ways we didn’t have any way to contact each other & basically let fate take the wheel on if we’d see each other again. About a year & a half later I walked into my summer school classroom & to my excitement there he was sitting there in a desk in the back of the room. That summer we spent every chance we had together & it continued like that for the next 10 years. He & I clicked together like magnets, he was my absolute best friend. He stood by my side through every hard & happy moment in my life & I did the same for him. Over the years everyone always said he was in love with me & I always said “but he’s my best friend I don’t want to ruin that.” So I fought my heart with my head & continued to try & find love in all the wrong places.

I eventually thought I did just after high school & ended up having a baby. But after a few years it just wasn’t what I wanted. At least, not with who I was with. Once I ended this relationship with my daughters father Tim finally confessed all those feelings he had hidden for so long. He truly just wanted me to be happy & mistakenly kept his own happiness at bay to ensure I’d have my own. At this moment I felt in my heart what I had felt all along & decided to embrace it instead of pushing it away. I finally realized being in love with your best friend is the goal everyone strives for. It’s the best thing in the entire world & after that moment, well, you can say the rest is history. We finally got to where we belonged when fate joined our stories into one all those years ago.

how they asked

We planned a 2 day trip to Disneyland & California adventures for my daughter’s 5th birthday. We decided we’d spend the first day at CAA & the second (A’s birthday) at Disneyland & my best friend & her boyfriend would be joining us at the park that day. Once we all got our tickets my best friend & her boyfriend said they had to go to the bathroom & separated until we got into the park. The first thing they suggested was taking pictures in front of the castle before it got crowded. So we each took pictures of each group & we took our family pictures when my best friend told my daughter to go with them while Tim & I took our “couple pictures.”

This is when I noticed how nervous he was & he looked at me with the biggest grin & was actually shaking. As soon as I realized what was happening I started crying. He told me that he loves me more than anyone in the world, & we’ve been through so much together & we were at the happiest place on earth & asked if I’d make him the happiest man on earth.


Between him shaking & jumbling his words & me crying uncontrollably I said yes & we hugged the tightest hug ever. He put the ring on  my finger & it immediately became the happiest day ever.



I found out later my best friend had kept the ring at her house for the past two months & they planned everything out in advance without me even catching a hint. I was completely surprised & speechless & excited is an understatement! It was a fairytale proposal I’ll never forget.