Pamela and Thomas

How We Met: Thomas and I met on June 6, 2013.. My very first day of my new job. We both worked as Recruiters for a technical college. He worked on a different campus than I did. On my first day, I got the opportunity to visit our neighboring campus and their recruiting department. We hit it off almost instantly and the flirting was in full force! Not a week passed, when Thomas messaged me on Facebook and it has been a fairytale every since!

Image 1 of Pamela and Thomas

We went on our first day a couple days after that!

how they asked: 2 months after celebrating our 2 year anniversary, our worlds changed.

Thomas and I both work tirelessly crafting our careers and passions and the past 6 months or so have been incredibly hectic. Earlier that week, he asked me out on a date and a night dedicated to just us. We got all dressed up and headed to the city. He took me to a delicious seafood restaurant in downtown Atlanta that overlooked the skyline and we did what we usually do, laugh.. A lot.

After dinner we walked through Centenial Olympic Park, and headed to the new SkyView Ferris Wheel! After an anxious 45 min wait in line, we boarded the wheel and headed up. The view was breathtaking. He looked angelic, and looking back now, not nervous at all!

Image 2 of Pamela and Thomas

The wheel went around about 4-5, when Thomas turns behind us and points out the view… I commented on the beauty and when I turned around– there he was, on one knee and with a dream ring.

Image 3 of Pamela and Thomas

All I remember from that moment is repeating “Oh my god!” – over and over again. After (what probably felt like eternity to Thomas) about 60 whole seconds he says ..” So is that a yes?!”

Of course!!!

Image 4 of Pamela and Thomas

It wasn’t even until an overload of hugs and kisses is when I realized, he was still waiting to put the ring on my hand!