Pamela and Thomas

How We Met

Thomas and I met on my very first day of work. We both worked for a college admissions department and he happened to work on a different campus. On my first day, I was taken on a campus tour to meet the other departments. A week later, we went on our first date.

We spent almost a year and a half keeping our relationship low key from our co-workers but before we knew it, we knew this kind of true love couldn’t be hidden. After about 3 years we began having serious conversations about marriage. We decided one day, just out of curiosity, to head over to Shane Co. for a little fun. Three hours later we had both full ring sets purchased. We’ve never been the indecisive kind, as you can tell.

He wanted to make sure the actual engagement was extra special (considering we bought rings together) — needless to say, every romantic movie night, every family gathering and every date night was a nervous sweat out for me! Sure enough, four (yes four!) long months later, that amazing night arrived.

how they asked

Thomas and I are pretty regular about our date nights, so this night didn’t give off any extra hints than usual. Thomas told me we were headed to downtown Atlanta for a simple seafood dinner. “Nothing special,” he said— “just wanna try something different…” I can honestly say, I didn’t think anything of it…

After dinner, we walked through Centennial Olympic Park on the most beautiful Atlanta fall night and I suggested we ride the Ferris wheel. Looking back on that night he loves to say “you need that one up for me perfectly!” He’s not a big fan of heights, so his anxiousness, while we waited in line (for what seemed like forever), didn’t set off any flags for me either. I’m not going to lie, it was definitely in the back of my mind, like all other date nights since we bought the rings. We met an amazing couple in front of us traveling from out of the country that kept us pretty busy and calm talking all things Atlanta attractions.

It was finally our turn to ride. It was a night worthy of history books. The sky was the perfect color, and even with the Atlanta skyline, you could see the stars. The Ferris wheel went around about 5-6 times and we casually loved each other, talked about work, the future, the Atlanta traffic…At one point I turned my back to point out the insane traffic we would have to pass through on our way back home and when I turned back around Thomas was on one knee. The rest is history. There we were, hundreds of feet into the Atlanta air, promising the world to each other. It was perfect in every way.

When it came time to take engagement pictures, we met Krisandra and she made every vision we had come to life. We still laugh at how we made her duck, climb and walk through trails to get the perfect pictures. Thomas always says he has two loves in his life— “you and baseball”…. we always knew we’d want to incorporate that into our pictures. (I’m literally sitting at a game right now watching him coach while writing this) … It’s been 1.5 years since we got married and the night he asked me to be his wife is still one of the most breathtaking memories we have— along with 3 months ago, when we found out we were expecting!

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