Pamela and Devin

How We Met

Pam and I met in college (Rutgers University). She was a freshmen when I met her and I was a junior. We had mutual friends and would see each other around campus and at events, but that was the extent of our relationship. At the time we both had other significant others. A year later, we’re both single and out at a friends party. Pam had a few drinks and the liquid courage urged her to come up to me and say hi. I was mid conversation with another girl and here comes Pam yelling “Hey Devin !, I like your hat”. I said thanks and she hit me with a few more compliments. I completely forgot I was talking to someone else, Pam stole all my attention. Later that night we step away from the music and start talking about anything and everything.

When the time comes to part ways, I told her I enjoyed her company and we should keep in touch. I gave her my number and I told her I would text her the next day. She didn’t believe me. The next day she got the “I told you I would text you” message and we’ve spoken every day since. The next day she brought me some Wendy’s and we hung out in my dorm all night. She commuted to school that semester so the only time we got to spend with each other was at night. So she would keep me up super late, talking my ear off. One night on her way out, she made the first move and kissed me goodnight. Countless sleepless nights later, here we are.

how they asked

So we have a tradition that every year for our anniversary, we celebrate at the Chart House in Weehawken, NJ. The past 2 years, we never went outside, so i convinced Pam that this year we MUST go onto the deck. I had this planned for months, so I recruited my friends Alex and Donovan to capture the moment without Pam noticing. Once we made it outside and the guys had their cameras ready, I began to tell Pam about why I knew she was the one.

I told her that not once in our relationship did she make me feel like I had to be anyone other then myself. Then we laughed for a bit about some good memories and then I took that opportunity to create one more. I told her I have something for her before we went back inside. I got down on one knee and she saw the ring and was in complete shock.

Proposal Ideas The Chart House

Where to Propose in The Chart House

Fast forward later on that night, I convinced her (again) that we should go out for drinks after our brunch. She agreed so we made our way to Manhattan for some drinks. Little did she know I told our family and friends weeks ago and they were all waiting for us at the bar. We walk in and go to the back and everyone greets us with a loud “congratulations!!”. Needless to say, Pam was in complete shock (again). We laughed and drank and danced all night.

Special Thanks

Donovan Smalls
 | Photographer
Alex Candelaria
 | Photographer