Pamela and Aaron

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mont Saint-Michel

How We Met

Aaron and I both attended CSU Monterey Bay in Central California. Now you’d think “oh, that’s where they met”. While we both distinctly remember seeing each other Freshman year in the dining commons (the DC), neither of us ever said a word to each other. He caught my eye because of his Arsenal jersey (we are both Gunner fans) and I caught him because of my LA Galaxy jersey (he’s now a Galaxy fan). Other than being Facebook friends and “liking” each other’s soccer-related posts, we had 0 interactions in our 4 years there. We both went our separate ways for the remainder of college and that was that. Or so we thought.

After graduating in 2015, I moved back home to Arcadia to get things in order so I could attend graduate school and Aaron worked in the Silicon Valley for about a year, then moved down to Long Beach for a new job. By January of 2017, we were both single and at that point, I was over the whole dating thing and wanted nothing but to focus on my master’s program. Aaron had other ideas and reached out to me just to “have some friends in the area” (he’s originally from Boise, Idaho). He knew just what to say and asked me about all of the LA Galaxy roster changes that were happening.

Pamela's Proposal in Mont Saint-Michel

About a week and a half later, we officially met and had our first date at Tequila Jacks in Long Beach. I knew he was a special one because even though I was in the middle of my graduate program (for athletic training), he was determined to hang out with me. He dealt with my class, practice, and game schedule, traveling and even came to a few basketball games that I was working.

After “dating” for a few months, we decided to make it official on April 1, 2017 (yes, April Fools Day). It’s very fitting though because we love to laugh with (and occasionally at) each other. The last two years have been filled with love, laughs, adventures, and growth and I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives has in store.

How They Asked

I had a feeling it was going to happen on our trip to Europe for the Women’s World Cup. We planned to go to France for the USA v. Chile, then head over to London for all things Harry Potter and Arsenal. Aaron had previously entered a competition to win a VIP experience at Arsenal’s stadium and hinted at proposing in his attempt to win, but since we didn’t have passports at the time, we didn’t get chosen. Therefore, I had a feeling it would happen during our tour of the stadium (which I told a friend, who told her husband, who told my now-fiance. Sneaky sneaks.) He told my parents beforehand that he was not sure where he was going to do it, but maybe closer to the beginning of the trip, but that didn’t happen so they were anxiously awaiting news for DAYS.

Enter: The Wildest Day Ever.

It was our last day in France before heading to England, and we had planned on going out to Normandy to see Mont Saint-Michel and Omaha Beach. We drove out there from Versailles (about 3.5 hours) and it was just a little cloudy with some sprinkling here and there. We both thought that Mont Saint-Michel would be colder and windier seeing that it is an island off the coast so we overdressed a bit. We made the ~1-mile trek to the abbey in hopes of climbing to the top, only to find the weather to be warm and humid. Aaron kept talking about walking around the bottom of the island since the tide was low, but we noticed that it was really muddy and neither of us wanted to drive 3.5 hours back covered in mud. We climbed a few sets of stairs, wandered through some of the souvenir shops, then decided we were both sweaty enough to head back to the car. On our way back, he insisted that we walk through the (fenced off) grassy area to get one last photo, but since I’m a sucker for not getting in trouble (especially in a foreign country) I was reluctant. He then settled for the view that will forever live in our proposal video.

Up until this point, I had NO idea that it was happening that day. It was just a normal adventure day for us and he was so calm the whole time. I started to get a feeling when he was taking forever to set-up the camera and even LAID DOWN IN THE DIRT to make it happen. (I recently got a new DSLR camera for my birthday, so neither of us really knew how to work it, but he figured it out. Obviously.) He was taking a while so at one point I walked over to see if he needed help -because I was sweaty and just wanted to take the picture and head out- and saw he set the timed picture. I heard it beep and then take a picture. He then made me walk back out to the spot and was going to set it again while I held the position. He *secretly* set it to video and as we are posing I asked him if he set it correctly to take a picture. Hah!

Then he said, “are you ready?” I said “for what?” and he got down on one knee. He asked THE question. I, in total shock, said “what” and “are you serious?” a few times then squeaked out a “yes”. The tourists walking by all cheered and Aaron said “merci!” (hilarious and classic).

We took a few pictures with the ring and then walked back to the car while discussing all the scheming that went on without me knowing. After making it back to the car and visiting Omaha Beach, we got stuck in a huge lightning/hail/thunderstorm. At this point it was 9:30 pm and we still had to drive all the way back to Versailles so we sought refuge at a McDonald’s and quietly celebrated with nuggets and french fries (ain’t that a story). This day really encompassed what the last two years have been filled with: love, laughs, adventures, and growth and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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