Paloma and Dustin

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Fortunate Accidents This fairy tale began in July of 2013. The warrior princess, Paloma Hsu, was unknowingly invited to her Prince’s castle for his birthday party. What she thought was going to be a celebration of one of their mutual friends, quickly turned into something more. Dustin noticed her from across the party, and “accidentally” bumped into her and spilled his drink on her dress in order to ensure that she would frequent his business and he would definitely see her again. He was persistent in keeping in touch with her, and making sure he would be at the dry cleaners when she picked up her dress. With that, their first date was scheduled for August 2nd, but it would not come without bumps of its own. When Dustin’s car broke down, they were given the opportunity to sit and wait for four hours for the repairs, and although it would be a bother to some, this roadside assistance brought them together from that point on. Three years of dating, getting to know each others fears and dreams, no matter how strange they were, lead them to their destiny. Their relationship was made official during a visit to New York City. Since dry cleaning brought them together, it was only fitting that it would seal the deal. After feigning a dry cleaning injury that required his hand to be wrapped, and gave him the perfect place to hide the ring, Dustin took Paloma to Central Park. He got down on one knee and swept her off of her feet with her favorite food – pasta. How could a girl resist? The couple was engaged on that day, August 27, 2016. With that, Paloma and Dustin will pursue a life that they love: one of adventure, fun, food, friends, family and fortunate accidents for the rest of their lives.

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