Palak and Amit

How We Met

Amit and I moved to Philadelphia for college. For 5 years Amit was at the neighboring university and we never ran into each other. The ironic part was that we were at the same events, concerts, bars, and parties for all of those years. Amit moved back to Florida for Medical School, while I was still finishing up Pharmacy school in Philly. I couldn’t leave the beautiful city after graduation so I stayed! Four years later Amit matched for his Residency back in Philadelphia. That same week he downloaded a dating app (which I was simultaneously deleting). He swiped right and was anxiously waiting for me to respond. As I was going in to delete the app, his picture showed up and I instantly fell in love with his smile. I swiped right and on his first day back in Philly we had our first date :)!

How They Asked

Amit and I went to Switzerland this past summer. When we reached Grindelwald we had planned a 6 mile hike, a zip line overlooking the Alps, and to conclude The First Cliff Walk by Tissot. Before we finished the Cliff Walk Amit asked me what my favorite spot was (initially he was going to propose at the cliff walk itself). By the time we finished exploring the beautiful mountain side it was around 6pm and I was exhausted! We walked over to my favorite spot, which is seen in the proposal pictures, and Amit said “here let me take an artsy picture of you”. At this point not only was I tired, but I also got annoyed because I am never satisfied with Amit’s artsy pictures lol even though I beg him to still take them. So I turned around waiting for him to take the picture, and when I tried to turn back around he claimed he wasn’t done. Finally when I turned around again he was on one knee. Instantly I started crying and all I could remember was seeing his smile- I don’t even remember him asking me! Amit also froze so it was the perfect moment of euphoria for the both of us before he actually did propose. Earlier that morning Amit had gone to run an errand while I was getting ready and to my surprise there were these huge beautiful red roses presented to me at dinner that night by our waiter. It was the perfect proposal.

Palak's Proposal in Grindelwald, Switzerland