Paisley and Christian

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How We Met

Our story is an awful lot like a lifetime movie. We met in my junior year of high school at a bonfire. at the time we had absolutely nothing in common, and had no interest in a relationship. Shortly after we were finding out that we had a lot of mutual friends and kept ending up at the same places. Fast forward a few months and you would see me at every baseball game cheering him on, and when he wasn’t on the mound

how they asked

I have to say, although this man is horrible with secrets, he managed to pull off the surprise of a lifetime. He planned a wonderful dinner at the vast on the 49th floor of the Devon tower. His mom text us a few days before and said that they had made a reservation for her birthday, but something came up at work and they couldn’t go. She told us that reservations weren’t easy to make and asked us if we wanted to take the reservation and have a nice date night. Who would say no to that? We got all dressed up And went out for a “dinner date” little did I know that date had a twist at the end. Desert came, and on the rim of the plate it said “will you marry me” I look up and he’s on one knee?. It doesn’t get much better than that! The whole restaurant congratulated us before we left. I couldn’t imagine anything making this night any better. We got on the elevator to leave and I couldn’t wait to tell our family and friends. As soon as the elevator doors opened, I saw both of our parents, my little sister, and my grandparents, waiting to congratulate us. He made reservations for our whole family at the melting pot to celebrate with drinks and chocolate. I dreamed about how I would be asked for years, and he surpassed all hopes and dreams. I’ve never been happier.

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