How to Pair Jewelry With Your Engagement Ring with Hearts On Fire

As some of you know, I’m engaged and wearing a new piece of jewelry because of it. It took me a minute to get used to wearing an engagement ring, but on top of that, I was never really sure what type of other jewelry to pair with it. For some reason, a lot of my other pieces didn’t feel right with it. They were too casual or too big, a different metal or there was something else about it that made them simply clash. I really needed to find a solid set of fine jewelry that matched without fail.

Enter Hearts on Fire.

You might recognize Hearts On Fire as The Most Perfectly Cut Diamond In The World®. Their proprietary diamond-cutting formula captures light in such a perfect way that it reveals eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and Fireburst® patterns every single time (which is where the name comes from). In simpler terms, the diamonds are extremely, extremely shiny. If you want to read up on them more, here’s their about page!

The wildly sparkly diamonds, combined with all of HOF’s elegant, timeless designs, make for some really amazing jewelry. For this post, I picked out a few different rings, two bracelets, and a pair of earrings, and then tried them all on with my new engagement ring. I have to say, I loved everything! They were all beautifully designed and complemented my ring so well. I also felt immediately more glamorous and even my fiancé was impressed.

So without further ado…

Please scroll through the Hearts On Fire pieces I thought paired best with my ring! I included a link to the products below each photo so you can easily find them on the HOF site. They do have tons more styles and pretty things, of course, so feel free to browse through their engagement ring collection or other diamond jewelry.

twist close up

Seen: Destiny Diamond Twist Band


Seen: Multiplicity Love Seven-Stone Band (this was my favorite)

bracelet on hand


Seen: Copley Multi Stone Bangle and the Optima Four Station Diamond Bangle (and yes, that’s me flipping through the Style Me Pretty book)

all rings

Seen on right-most finger: HOF Signature Beaded Metal Band

earrings flat


Seen: Fulfillment Round Earrings

so, What do you think?

Did I find a few great pieces with Hearts On Fire, or what?! For more of their stunning jewelry, head this way. Happy shopping!

all rings 2

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