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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Marlsgate Plantation

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Stephen planned my perfect proposal at Marlsgate Plantation in Scott, Arkansas. I love plantation style homes and this particular home is very near and dear to my heart as is the owner, David P. Garner. Stephen had told me a few weeks ago we were going to go on a “Breezeventure” (a special date, his last name is Brasher). Saturday, January 7 started as any normal day and I was aware the Breezeventure was taking place that evening. As I was getting ready, my mom informed me that she had bought me a new dress to wear she had seen and I should wear it that evening – so, I did and didn’t think anything about. Stephen and I are on the way to Marlsgate and he tells me that we were invited to a dinner party by Mr. David, the owner of the home, I instantly start crying of happiness. We arrive at Marlsgate and walk up the long paved driveway and get to the front door where I assume we will knock. Instead of knocking or waiting for someone to let us in, Stephen pushes the large door and inside we go.

Stephen grabs my hand and leads the way through the front room. Located on the grand staircase are tealight candles and canvas’ Stephen painted of our story over the past 2 years on canvas’, including the logo of the restaurant where we first met. Of course, I am crying again when I see these and realize what is happening. After he tells me the familiar story played out through he canvas’ and we walk up the grand staircase there is one final large hand painted canvas under a lace sheet that says, “Paige, will you marry me? Stephen”.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Marlsgate Plantation

He gets down on one knee, tells me how I have changed his life and there is no other girl for him, and asks me to be his wife.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Marlsgate Plantation

I say yes and cry some more tears of joy! All during this time Stephen had his photographer friend, Tanner Burge, taking pictures of us! I dry up my tears and Stephen and I head outside to take pictures on the grounds at sunset. After we take pictures we visit with Mr. David and we head to yet another “Breezeventure”. I think we are meeting my parents at YaYa’s in Little Rock. Upon arrival we walk into a room completely decorated with a buffet of food and 50 of our closest friends and family. Stephen had planned it all – he literally thought of everything!

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