A True "In Sickness and In Health" Love Story: Paige & Brian


How we met: Bryan and I both lived in Keller, Texas and attended Keller High School. In 2006 I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. He was dating my friend Juli and would walk with her and I to and from the coke machine before Algebra. At that point we weren’t even really friends –more like acquaintances. We’d exchanged “heys” every so often but that was about it.

imageAt the end of my freshman year, it was the summer of 2007. I had a JAM-packed summer planned and was SO excited to do everything. I visited family in Oklahoma, went to church camp in Corpus Christi, South Padre, and San Antonio, and finished the summer off with a trip to Universal and Sea World in Florida with my dad.

A couple of days after I returned from my Florida trip, it was August 4th 2007 and I went to hangout with some friends. They were all drinking and I was the only 100% sober one out of five of us. We all ended up getting in a car and the friend that was driving failed to come around a curve completely – we spun out of control, hitting steel poles, trees, and a fence. Three out of five of us didn’t make it that night, including my best friend of nearly 10 years. The other survivor had cuts and broken bones.

I suffered a cervical spinal cord injury and was left paralyzed from the chest down. I was in the ICU for almost two weeks and an inpatient rehab for nearly two months.

I’m still paralyzed and deal with several health issues as a result of this day.


Fast forward a bit, I ended up moving to a small town in Oklahoma. Bryan was still in Texas. One night in August, it was storming like CRAZY and our power was out. Bryan posted a status on Facebook about the storm and I commented on it whining about our power. After that we talked via Facebook messages before finally swapping numbers and talking on the phone and texting pretty much 24/7. He seemed like an awesome guy, but I wasn’t looking for or getting my hopes up for anything more than friendship. I had been let down a few times in the past due to guys being intimidated by my wheelchair.

A few weeks later, my sisters and I had our annual trip to the Texas State Fair planned for October 7th. I casually asked Bryan to join us and to my surprise he said he would! I nearly had a heart attack! Our day at the fair couldn’t have gone any better. He was the cutest, sweetest, and most perfect guy ever and at the end of the night he asked me to be his girlfriend. After that he would drive two hours one way to spend the day with me in Oklahoma every chance he got.

Long story short I moved to Oklahoma City, three hours from him. Then his job was opening a new location near me, so he put in a transfer request and ended up moving to Oklahoma to be near me.


how they asked: On October 7th, 2013, our one year anniversary, we planned to spend the day at The Texas State wheelchair proposalFair. The place where he first saw me in a wheelchair versus standing. The place where he asked me to be his girlfriend. The place where I first realized I loved him. Our place that we both love so much. It was a perfect day.

My mom, sisters, one of my best friends & her mom (my 2nd mom), were all there. The only thing missing was my other best friend that lives in Georgia. We were just strolling along looking at things and he stopped pushing me, dropped to his knee, and with everyone around us saying “OMG is he proposing?!”, he said the sweetest words, and then asked me if I’d marry him. I of course said yes and everyone around us began applauding and saying congrats.

It was beyond perfect.

Now we’re planning a rustice and glittery June 2015 wedding to take place on a quiet farm with all of our family and friends and HOPEFULLY Miranda Lambert.

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