Paige and Zach

How We Met

Most people adore a good love story, especially their own. What’s better than your personal fairytale? That’s exactly the story we’re going to share with you. Get your popcorn, take your seats, buckle up, and keep your hands inside the rides at all times. This one is a doozy. Not! In the epitome of romance, we both decided to swipe right and matched on Tinder. That’s right. We met on TINDER. Naturally, we were both apprehensive in the beginning, due to the stigma associated with meeting people on tinder. The first time we met in real life, we went on a date. We had some dinner and awkward conversation.

Following that first date, we spent several nights together at Zach’s apartment. Each night, we walked in, climbed into bed together, and just laid there and talked all night. It was a surprise to both of us how comfortable, and how open we were to each other. In that time we found that we were at the same summer camp for several years in a row, and never met and that Zach’s roommate at camp had been Paige’s family friend for her entire life. We can’t believe that we had so many missed chances at meeting growing up, and finally connected, on tinder of all places!


how they asked

Sunday evening when we arrived at our house in the outer banks, we found a message in a bottle hidden in my room in a planter. The message congratulated us and said that we were now participating in a scavenger hunt sweepstakes hosted by the realtor, that we had 6 hours to complete. The first clue led us to a restaurant in Duck, NC where we had dinner and found our second clue.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Duck, NC

The second clue was a riddle, that led us to the Sunset Ice cream shop in Duck, where we had fantastic ice cream and found our third clue. The third clue led us to the Duck town boardwalk with a gorgeous view of the sound, where we found our fourth clue. The fourth clue led us back to the property we’re staying at and to the beach, where a pathway of lights, ending in a semi-circle of string lights, where an x had been made in the sand with seashells, Zach got down on a knee and dug up an envelope marked as the final clue. I opened it, and found a note inside that said: “Will you marry me?” And looked up to see Zach holding my ring! I was completely shocked and ecstatic that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!