Paige and Thomas

How We Met

Thomas and I’s story is a bit funny actually. After enlisting the help of a college roommate, she and her boyfriend set me up with their mutual friend. We decided upon a day and time and met up for lunch… which was an epic FAIL. Thomas and I ended up barely talking and shook hands as we left. However, as fate would have it, less than a week later we bumped into each other at a party and he asked for a do-over. The rest is history.

How They Asked

When I was 17, my father passed away from a fierce battle with cancer. My dad was my best friend, idol, and hero. Knowing that he wouldn’t see me graduate, get married, or be a grandfather to my future kids devastated me. Thomas knew how saddened I was that my father wouldn’t be able to give his blessing, so Thomas took it upon himself to drive to my hometown to pay a visit to my father’s memorial bench to ask permission. Nearly a week later when looking at Christmas lights at the botanical garden he got down on one knee and told me he had a little conversation with my dad. Of course, all I could do was scream YES.

Special Thanks

Siarra Price