Paige and Taylor

How We Met

I am a CrossFit Coach and Taylor’s sisters started coming to our gym. After they convinced him to try CrossFit (thank you Kort and Miss!), he grew to love it. With his work schedule, he would always attend the early morning class and I never saw him. As time passed and he came more and more, he started to come with his sisters in the evenings and happened to come to my first official class as a Coach. I remember that day like it was yesterday and have had my eyes on him ever since!

Paige and Taylor's Engagement in John Galt Coffee Co.

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It was a Saturday — the only day both of us have off of work, and we had a busy day ahead. I picked him up (having no idea he had a ring in his hoodie) and we went to our morning CrossFit class and then had to run some errands before going home to change and head to Denver for the day. We got to Denver for the annual car show because Taylor ALWAYS does anything and everything I want to do on weekends and knowing this was something he wanted to see, I made sure we went. With coffee being our thing, we had to stop downtown to get some. Then we walked around the auto show for an hour or so before heading to Golden for his brother’s basketball game. Not having any other plans for the day, I assumed we might head back to Denver for dinner, but when his brother’s game was over, Taylor told him we were headed back home and being totally ok with that, I didn’t think much of it!

Little did I know, my sister (and our photographer), had been anxiously awaiting our arrival for nearly two hours! Having no idea we were in such a hurry to get back, I was being my usual entertaining, singing at the top of my lungs self, and Taylor (though he totally played cool!) was sweating bullets.

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Halfway home, I asked him if he wanted to take the dogs on a walk. We have three dachshunds (soon to be four!) and we love taking them out and letting them run around. It was a super nice day and he never turns that down so when he said, “I was thinking we should go to John Galt, what do you think?,” I suggested we at least go home to let the dogs out first, but he said they’d be fine, so I didn’t argue. John Galt was our first “date” exactly 6 months before, and we have continued to go there almost every day since. It is our place to just sit down, talk, and be with each other at the end of a long day — no distractions. So when he suggested it, it wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary, except that he wanted to go straight there. He also knows I’ll NEVER turn down an opportunity for good coffee!

When we arrived, Taylor got out of the car and changed his shirt in the street because he was “sweaty from driving.” Apologizing for turning off the AC without asking (LOL!), we went inside. I order my usual and he ordered a soy chai. He NEVER orders a soy chai. Then he insisted on paying, and with the exception of our first date, I have always paid for our coffee. He then tipped $3 on the iPad and I started making connections. Side note: in the weeks following our first date, I jokingly gave him a hard time about how he tipped $3 on the iPad when paying because he was trying to impress me. Haha! After seeing him tip, I then realized that he ordered a Soy Chai on our first date and was admittedly curious if it was happening, but then told myself he was just being cute since it had been 6 months. We also discussed getting engaged after he sold his car and that hadn’t happened, so it just didn’t add up!

We sit down with our coffee and he has to “go to the bathroom” (AKA: tell my sister he’s ready). He comes back to the table and tells me to “come here.” I kept saying, “what are you doing??” Walking me to the entrance where we met for the first time, he got down on one knee and proposed. Though I don’t remember the rest, he assured me I said yes (after telling him to stop like 5 times, lol!), and I can guarantee it was the easiest “yes” I’ve ever said in my life!

Then he looked at me and said, “Today is 4/7. Four is your favorite number and seven is who’s?” Knowing that seven was my Mom’s favorite number, who passed away 18 months earlier, I just held him and cried. It was SO thoughtful of him to include her in our day because that is one phone call I always dreamed of making and never will be able to do so. Needless to say, it has been the best day of my life thus far and we are SO excited to get married!

Fun fact: He proposed to me with the lid (SO funny!!), so I actually didn’t see the ring until after I said yes and he put it on my finger. He proposed with my dream ring designed by Heidi Gibson in California. He had been working with her since the middle of January, and it is the most beautiful and unique ring I’ve ever seen!

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