Paige and Ryan

how we met

Ryan and I met on a Friday night at a Place called Elmo’s Love Lounge ( Quite a coincidence). He was leaving with his nephew and my best friend knew him and stopped to talk to him. During their conversation I noticed Ryan laughing and asked what he thought was so funny. My snippy remark peaked his interest and we hit it off from there.

how they asked

The proposal happened during a family Christmas Brunch my mom hosted . It was time to take photos so I wanted everyone to gather but my best friend pulled me away upstairs to “Talk” about something she was going through that couldn’t wait (She was apart of the plan). After talking briefly I went back downstairs stairs straight to everyone facing the doorway, candles lit on the floor and music playing. Ryan stood in front of me wearing his Christmas pajamas.I was so surprised I instantly started crying.

Special Thanks

Chip Dizárd Studios
 | Photography
Union Station Marriott
 | Event Venue