Paige and Robert

Image 1 of Paige and Robert

On Saturday, March 12th Robert and I had plans to go to dinner with friends in Midtown. We were early for our “reservation” so Robert suggested that we check out the rooftop of McNellies. I had shown him beautiful engagement photos that had been taken there several weeks before, and was interested in the spot for our own some day. We parked on the second level, and as we were walking up the ramp to the rooftop, I spotted the photographer. Still, I had no idea he was about to propose. I honestly thought that there were people taking pictures of their own up there. As we walked in the gate I saw a rug lined with candles in mason jars. Robert got down on one knee and of course I cried. After he proposed he gave the thumbs up and a group of our friends who had been watching the whole thing from the rooftop across the street. After a quick photoshoot we joined our friends at the roof top bar of Cafe de Brazil, followed by dinner and drinks at Fassler Hall and dancing at Kamp’s. I was VERY surprised and extremely impressed with Robert’s perfect planning!

Image 2 of Paige and Robert

Image 3 of Paige and Robert

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