Paige and Philip

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How We Met

Philip and I met in February 2015 through mutual friends at a bonfire. We were both going through hard times, very stressed and not extremely happy. He asked me to dinner a few weeks later and I told him he was not my type and we were just friends. Thankfully, he was very persistent and we gave each other a chance. I can’t think of a time we were together that our abs weren’t sore from laughing so much. It was such a blessing to have each other and know that we would be there through anything. Philip and I have so much in common to enjoy doing the same things, but different enough to keep things interesting.

Paige and Philip's Engagement in Pature/Shooting range

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pature/Shooting range

Paige's Proposal in Pature/Shooting range

how they asked

Philip said he wanted to go target shooting and get his scope sighted in. We asked two of our close friends Stephanie and Daniel to come with us and make a double date out of it. Philip shot first and went to check the target and see where he hit it. When he comes back, he tells me to shoot now and makes sure Stephanie is video taping because he wanted a video of everyone. I sit down and look through the scope at the target to see a sign saying “Marry me?” with a small target next to “No” and a large target next to “Yes”.

Instantly, my jaw drops and I look to my right to see the love of my life, Philip McKinney, knelt down as he asks me to marry him. The love he has in his heart is overflowing and contagious, and I can’t wait to spend forever with him.

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